Conversation Topics: How to Approach Women on Free Local Hookup Sites

Conversation Topics: What To Say To Women On Free Local Hookup Sites

Learn the best conversation topics and approaches for striking up a conversation with women on free local hookup sites. Increase your chances of getting laid without looking like a total douche.

Conversation Topics: How to Approach Women on Free Local Hookup Sites

How to strike up a conversation with a woman on a free local hookup site

When using a free local hookup site to meet your future sexual partners, it can be a little hard to figure out how to approach someone. Just because a women is on a free local hookup site doesn't mean that she doesn't want to be treated properly, so more often than not you need to figure out a way to approach her besides asking her if she wants to screw. Since striking up a conversation on a free local hookup site might not be your specialty, you might need some help in that department, and that's okay. In fact, most men on free local hookup sites have no idea how to approach a woman and often use the internet to find some awesome conversation topics. If a woman is on a free local hookup site, she is most definitely looking to have sex but that doesn't mean she wants to be approached in a vulgar way. By learning how to properly approach a woman on a free local hookup site you will help your chances of getting laid and you won't end up looking like a total douche.

Ask About Their First Date Encounters

So you managed to land a date with a woman on a free local hookup site, but now that you have her in front of you, you have no idea what to say to her. All you really want is to get laid, but unfortunately there is a courting process and even if you met her on an online dating site you need to give her a reason to sleep with you. If you're unsure about what to ask her you can always ask about her first online encounter. This is always a funny topic, especially since most people are extremely timid on their first date encounter. By asking her about her first date encounter, you are showing her that you're human too and get the jitters every once in awhile. Once you've asked your date about her first date encounter you can start talking about online dating and what you're really looking for, which will help you get to know each other while allowing her to get more comfortable around you.

What's The Worst Date They've Ever Been On?

Since conversation topics can be hard to come by when you're meeting up with someone who you don't know, it can be important to milk every single opportunity that comes your way. Since you're already on the topic of online dating, you might as well get her talking about it some more. A great conversation topic is asking her what was the worst date she've ever been on. This will not only be hilarious, but it can get you guys to start swapping your worst date stories, which will surely get you and your date laughing. Better yet, asking about her worst date can put you in a great position; you'll be able to do some digging. Listen closely to what she says and take some notes, this will stop you from repeating some of her worst date moments unknowingly which will help you get her in the sack.

Get Personal: Find Out About Their Sexual Fantasies

Once you feel like you've gotten to know your date and the mood is light, you can start asking her about some more explicit topics. Since you're meeting on the grounds of hooking up you can always find out what she likes in bed. If you feel like she is open minded and interested in talking about sex, you can always try to find out what her sexual fantasies are. Asking about her sexual fantasies is a bold move, so make sure she isn't going to take it badly and only ask if you've been flirting with each other like crazy. If this is the case, asking about her sexual fantasies might even get her horny, making her more eager to get into bed with you.

Get To Know Their Wild Side: How Did Their Craziest Night Go?

Since you're meeting to hook up and not to potentially date each other, you should always keep the conversation hovering over fun topics and away from family, goals, and anything too intimate. To do this, try to get to know her wild side and try asking her about the craziest night she's ever had. This will spark up a whole series of new conversations and it will show you what kind of girl you're dealing with. Asking her about her craziest night will get her riled up, thus making her want to do something crazy — like sleeping with the guy she met on the internet.