How to Avoid Live Cam Scams and Have a Memorable One Night Stand

Live Cam Scams And One Night Stands

Discover how to protect yourself from live cam scams and enjoy an unforgettable one night stand. Learn the signs of scammers and find out where to go for the best experience.

How to Avoid Live Cam Scams and Have a Memorable One Night Stand

How To Avoid Getting Fooled By Live Cam Scams

When it comes to live cam sites, there is such an overwhelming presence of illicit activity that it can sometimes be difficult to separate the real users from the fake ones. After all, at first glance, they appear to look the same, but the devil is in the details here. If you notice, after a while, that the cam girl you're looking at seems to be doing the same thing over and over again, then she is probably part of some external footage, and the account is backed by a scammer who has looped some webcam footage of a hot girl in order to gain your money. Avoid the possibility of being fooled by doing one simple thing: ask her to write your username down on a piece of paper and put it next to her face. That is the one, surefire way of knowing that you're chatting to a real live person. Scammers, despite how much they want to, can never accomplish this task; as soon as you ask them to do this, their scamming plan has essentially failed. If you ask a girl to write your username down and show it to you, and her chat window suddenly disappears, then you caught a scammer red-handed and sent them running for the mountains. However, if she actually manages to write the name down successfully, then you know that you're dealing with a real girl, and you can dust the first off your shoulder and proceed to court her accordingly. Take some time to get to know her mind and body through online webcam chat, and when the time is right, ask her out on a hot first date.

Taking Her Back To Your Place

Because you two have already shown so much skin online, you're both pretty primed to be having sex. That said, there isn't much that you'll need to do on the first date in order to get her back to your place. All you'll really have to do is listen to what she says and make her life, maybe share a few drinks at a cool restaurant. After a while, simply ask her if she's interested in coming back to your place, and she will in all likelihood comply. Then simply get in a cab, go straight to your apartment, and gauge in the classic act of hanky panky that was sung about in the old tale of the birds and the bees.

Going Back To Her Place

Or, maybe you two are down to switch things up by going to her place. There's nothing wrong with that. Maybe she has a nice apartment that she wants to show off to you, with a comfy bed to boot. You might just recognize that bed from the online cam chats that you two had! Sure would be nice to have sex on that bed, and you definitely thought about it while you were cam chatting with your cam girl. Well, look where you are now, in her bedroom! Eureka,

Renting A Hotel For The Night

If for some reason going to either of your places is not a good option, there are always hotels available to serve you with the privacy of a good room and the comfort of a good bed. Of course, hotels costs a little bit of money, but something tells us that you won't have a problem with shelling out a couple shillings in order to get laid with the cam girl of your dreams. Hey, don't let her pay for part of the hotel room! Be a gentleman here, and take care of her financial needs on this first date. She'll be impressed by how you take care of everything, and she will be quite prompt in jumping into bed with you.

Having One Night Stands: Where To Go

Where to go is not really a huge question when it comes to one night stands, the question is more along the lines of what kind of sex you will be engaging in. Will it be hot and sweaty? Long and hard? Who knows, that's up to you and your cam girl. Really, the room that surrounds the bed you do it on is no big issue — hell, you can even have sex in your car if that's the most convenient option available. Just choose the best setting you possibly can, and then it's all up to you yo pay attention to her sexual needs and respond in kind.